What is Signando?

  • Simple

    Signando makes it easy for business owners to keep contracts under control. Easily add new contracts, attach files and search your contracts for relevant words. Manage your business deals with mobile access for you and your team.

  • Secure

    Manage complex business deals using our secure cloud-based service which fully complies to strict German data privacy laws. Fully encrypted from within your browser, Signando ensures your data can only be accessed by you.

  • Helpful

    Signando is full of useful tools to save you money and time. Manage milestones, add email reminders, and share contract updates instantly with all of your team. Keep contracts current and deadlines under control.

Your Benefits

Better Overview

Manage all your business contracts from one central source. Your secure contract database can be accessed from anywhere and is easy to search. Easily find the contract you need.

Timely Reminders

Let Signando remind you of key milestones and critical dates. Schedule timely emails to make sure you never miss deadlines again.

Secure Cloud Storage

Fully compliant for even sensitive data, Signando automatically encrypts your contracts before transfer to the cloud. With our servers based in Frankfurt, Germany, our storage complies to strict German data protection laws.

Tame your wild contracts!

Contracts of employment, service contracts, purchase contracts, lending contracts, leasing contracts, rental contracts, insurance contracts, fixed price contracts… small- and medium-sized businesses usually have 50–200 important contracts on file. How does your business manage its contracts, to meet key deadlines and make the choice to cancel, extend or renew? Effective contract management is a source of headaches and serious costs. You’ll find Signando quickly pays for itself.

  • No more than necessary

    Managing your contracts with Signando is easy and affordable, with all the tools you need to keep your contracts under control.

  • All your contracts always there

    Signando stores your entire contract library centrally, for easy, secure access via your web browser, smartphone or tablet from wherever you are.

  • Save money

    Avoid missing deadlines and cancel unnecessary contracts on time with convenient email reminders from Signando.

  • Minimize your risk

    Stay protected, negotiate new terms and avoid letting contracts expire, keeping your business afloat.

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